1.1 Billing

Customers that are approved for credit will be invoiced by CALLSY NETWORK LLC. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. Otherwise, you must give us a valid credit card number (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or any other issuer then-accepted by CALLSY NETWORK LLC) when the Service is activated. CALLSY NETWORK LLC reserves the right to stop accepting credit cards from one or more issuers. If the card expires, you close your account, your billing address changes, or the card is cancelled and replaced owing to loss or theft, you must advise CALLSY NETWORK LLC immediately. We will bill all charges, applicable taxes and surcharges monthly in advance (except for usage-based charges, which will be billed monthly in arrears, and any other charges which CALLSY NETWORK LLC decides to bill in arrears) to your credit card, including but not limited to: activation fees, monthly Service fees, long distance fees, international usage charges, advanced feature charges, equipment purchases, equipment rental and lease fees, disconnect fees and shipping and handling charges. CALLSY NETWORK LLC reserves the right to bill at more frequent intervals if the amount due at any time exceeds $50. USA usage charges will be billed in six-second increments. International billing increment varies by country and is available upon request.

1.2 Billing Disputes

You must notify CALLSY NETWORK LLC in writing within 7 days after receiving your CALLSY NETWORK LLC statement if you dispute any CALLSY NETWORK LLC charges on that statement or such dispute will be deemed waived. You agree to notify CALLSY NETWORK LLC in writing of any disputed charges ten business days prior to requesting a credit card chargeback from your credit card company to give CALLSY NETWORK LLC an opportunity to resolve the dispute. In the event that only portions of the charges are in dispute, you agree to pay for all charges that are not in dispute. Billing dispute notifications should be sent to the following address: mailto:billing@callsynetworkllc.com

1.3 Payment

CALLSY NETWORK LLC will invoice Customers that are approved for credit. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. Your bill will be considered past due if not paid by your due date. Unless your agreement states otherwise, a Late Payment charge of 1.5% per month and a service fee of $50 may be assessed on any unpaid balance if payment is not received within 15 days of the invoice date, or any other timeframe specified in your agreement. Please mail the remittance stub with your check or money order, made payable to “CALLSY NETWORK LLC, Inc.”, in the enclosed envelope or to the payment address noted on the invoice. Please write your account number on the check. Otherwise, CALLSY NETWORK LLC accepts payments by credit card as set forth in Section .

1.4 Termination/Discontinuance of Service

CALLSY NETWORK LLC reserves the right to suspend or discontinue providing the Service generally, or to terminate your Service, at any time for cause with 7 days advanced notice to Customer. If CALLSY NETWORK LLC discontinues providing the Service generally, or terminates your Service in its discretion without a stated reason, you will only be responsible for charges accrued through the date of termination, including a pro-rated portion of the final month’s charges. If your Service is terminated for any stated reason, including without limitation violation of this Agreement, or because of any improper use of the Service or Equipment (such as, but not limited to, your attempts to hack, disrupt, or misuse the Service or your acts or omissions that violate any acceptable use policy of CALLSY NETWORK LLC or of a third party provider to which CALLSY NETWORK LLC is subject), you will be responsible for the full charges to the end of the current term, including without limitation unbilled charges, plus the disconnect fee set forth in Section

1.5 Taxes

You are responsible for, and shall pay, any applicable federal, state, provincial, municipal, local or other governmental sales, use, excise, value-added, personal property, public utility or other taxes, fees or charges now in force or enacted in the future, that arise from or as a result of your subscription or use or payment for the Service or Equipments. Such amounts are in addition to payment for the Service or Equipment and will be billed to your credit card as set forth in this Agreement. If you are exempt from payment of such taxes, you shall provide CALLSY NETWORK LLC with an original certificate that satisfies applicable legal requirement attesting to tax-exempt status. Tax exemption will only apply from and after the date CALLSY NETWORK LLC receives such certificate.

1.6 Money Back Guarantee; Limitations and Conditions

CALLSY NETWORK LLC offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for Hosted PBX and SIP trunking, excluding minutes used. Under the terms of this Money Back Guarantee, CALLSY NETWORK LLC refunds the activation fee (also known as Provisioning Fee), and shipping charges, and waives the Service disconnect fee, provided the terms described below are satisfied. Federal excise taxes, Universal Service Fund taxes and any other applicable taxes cannot be refunded. Money back guarantees to do not apply to Data circuits, or their CPE or installation fees. CALLSY NETWORK LLC reserves the right to terminate or revoke this Money Back Guarantee at any time, without prior notice.In order to be entitled to this Money Back Guarantee, User (i) must cancel service within 30 days after the account activation; (ii) must return all Equipment within 14 days after cancellation pursuant to Section 1.9; and (iii) must not have exceeded 5,000 minutes of use. User remains responsible for any charges for domestic usage in excess of the amount included within the Plan to which User subscribes, international usage, payphone calls to CALLSY NETWORK LLC toll free numbers and directory assistance. THIS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE DOES NOT APPLY TO ACCOUNTS EXCEEDING 5,000 MINUTES OF USAGE AND SUCH ACCOUNTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REFUND OF ANY OF THE CHARGES DESCRIBED HEREIN.In addition to the requirements set forth in Section 1.9, all returned Equipment must be in the original packaging with the UPC or bar code intact. All components, manuals and registration card(s) must be included. Equipment must be returned with a valid return authorization number obtained from CALLSY NETWORK LLC Customer Support. User is responsible for the cost and risk of return shipping of equipment. THE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WILL NOT BE HONORED IF USER FAILS TO MEET ALL SUCH REQUIREMENTS.To obtain a return authorization number, User must contact mailto:support@callsynetworkllc.com

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