Our Services

Wholesale VOIP

Callsy Networks offer A-Z Termination Routes to all types of Carriers, Small businesses, Call Centers, Calling Card Operators, Call Shops, Independent Software Vendors developing VoIP, Routes to all types of Carriers, Small businesses (long duration) and dialer call centres (short duration) traffic and provide support for SIP Trunk, VoIP Fax, Hosted VoIP, Call Center Predictive Dialer, Mobile Dialer

Retail VOIP

Callsy AIM exists globally and it gives leverage of the provision of exceptional VoIP CLI Routes terminal calls which serve you in over 90 countries across the globe. Our effective backup routing helps us provide exactly what our clients have been looking for. We help our clients connect to every corner of the globe. This benefits the big corporate houses to connect with their partners, prospects and new leads across the globe. With the help of a very easy setup.


DID stands for Direct inward dialling which means you can get a virtual number for your business and you can receive your business calls on that. the purpose of DID's is to authenticate your business and cut down your cost.

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